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Dating Safety Tips

Establishing a relationship with someone with whom you've met online should be taken very seriously.  It's easy to get caught up in all the excitement and messages being sent back and forth but, always do your due diligence.  It's ok to ask around about that person.  It only shows you're serious about taking the relationship to the next level.  The staff at Hye Dating has put together a list of the do's and don'ts of online dating to help make your online dating experience a pleasurable one.  If you have any questions or concerns we have not covered here, please feel free to email us for support.

Online Dating Tips: Things you should consider when communicating online.

Hye Dating offers users the ability to report any user that you feel is a threat to you or is harassing you.  If any user on Hye Dating makes you feel threatened or harassed in any way, please report that person to us immediately by email or clicking the "Report Abuse" link in our messaging system. If anyone tries to ask you for money or financial help, please report that person to us as well.  We will contact proper authorities if need be or remove that user and block them from future use.

There are many tools available to you online as well and you should make use of them.  Doing a simple Google search only takes 5 seconds!  Searching for someone on Facebook takes a few seconds.  Taking these easy and simple steps will help tremendously in making your online dating experience a pleasureable one.  Now that you're ready to meet people online, please go over our Offline Dating Tips for additional information before you go on your special "first-date".

Offline Dating Tips: Things you should consider meeting in person.

We hope we've done a good job putting this list together for you all.  Finding that special person is kind of like looking for a job.  You may not get hired on your first interview but what counts is that you tried and never give up!  Now its time to put these dating tips to good use and begin meeting people on Hye Dating!  Good luck!


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